Strathclyde Alumnus Wins President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards 2016

Posted on: November 26th, 2016 by admin No Comments

Mr Jack Sim, a Strathclyde alumnus was the Individual,  Adult Winner at the 5th annual President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards 2016 (PVPA 2016) which saw the union of a community of givers hailing from diverse backgrounds, but all with the same end goal in mind: to build a more inclusive and caring home for all in Singapore. 

Known to many as a go-getter, Jack Sim’s determination to serve doesn’t come as a surprise. After retiring in his 40s, Jack dug deep into the often-shunned sanitation issues, and has since founded Restroom Association of Singapore and World Toilet Organisation to educate how sanitation is important in improving the well-being of individuals, families, communities and even nations.

WTO grew steadily and eventually birthed a social enterprise arm, SaniShop, which trains communities in developing nations to produce low-cost latrines and treatment systems. These are then sold through local women who are commissioned as agents, empowering them in the process.

Congratulations Jack Sim, we are so proud of you!

Enjoy the inspiring video on Jack Sim and WTO.