Hotel and Accommodation Organisations require their employees to be equipped with the practical skills and knowledge to operate with maximum efficiency and effectiveness in managing guests/customers’ concerns and feedback; for sustainable /new business growth. There is a need for this training because if there is a gap in the efficiency and effectiveness in managing guests/customers’ concerns and feedback, it will adversely affect business growth, as the guest may not return to stay in the hotel; discourage friends, acquaintances or in the worst scenario, create adverse publicity in social media. It is also targeted at those who seek a career in the hospitality industry.

The course covers:

a.      Supervising and recording staff performance in managing guests/customers’ concerns/feedback

b.      Identifying gaps and taking corrective actions in managing guests/customers’ concerns/feedback

c.      Staff skills required in managing guests/customers’ concerns and feedback

d.      Improvements of organisation policies

e.      Goals of improvement plans

f.       Establish criteria to measure staff performance in managing guests/customers’ concerns and feedback

g.      Implement five elements in managing escalation of guests/customers’ concerns and feedback

h.      Conduct process improvement audit in managing guests/customers ‘concerns and feedback

i.       Develop easy communication channels for guests/customers to give concerns and feedback

j.       Establish good rapport with guests/customers in clarifying concerns and feedback with guests/customers

Analyse different solutions for different scenarios

1.  26 & 27 November 2019 (16 hours)

2.               March 2020 (16 hours) – dates to be confirmed.

Full Course Fee: $373.00 per trainee excluding GST

Funding: SSG Training Grant and Absentee Payroll Only

Course Support Period: 01 Jan 2019 to 08 Nov 2020

Support level: CAT B, WSQ, External, PME (CF with AP) Eligible for MCES, SME, WTS




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Education:   National ITE Certificate (Nitec) or equivalent e.g., Post Nitec Certificate, Specialist Nitec, Certificate in Office Skills, National Technical Certificate Grade 2, National Certificate in Nursing, Advanced Builder Certificate.

Occupation:   Non-supervisory, Supervisory, Managerial and those working in areas with direct dealing with guests/customers.

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