Master of Science in International Management

University of the West of Scotland (UWS)

With origins dating back to 1897, the University of the West of Scotland, is one of Scotland’s most innovative modern universities; with 5 campuses in Paisley, Hamilton, Dumfries, Ayr, and London respectively.

Credentials of the University of the West of Scotland

  • UWS is ranked by Times Higher Education in the 2018 World University Rankings as one of the top 3% of universities worldwide, and in the top 200 of Young Universities World Rankings.
  • The Times/ The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018 has ranked UWS as a top 100 UK university and the highest in Scotland for both teaching quality and student experience in Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, General Engineering, Mechanical Engineering; Education; Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism.
  • 94% of UWS graduates are working or pursuing further studies 6 months after graduating (Higher Education Statistics Agency; HESA Performance Indicator 2015/ 16).

Master of Science (MSc) in International Management

This programme is validated and conducted at the YMCA Education Centre, Singapore, using the same model as the University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow. Graduates are awarded the same degree as the course conducted in Scotland.

The Master of Science (MSc) in International Management is designed to create work-ready graduates. The programme is built on earlier studies and develops advanced knowledge and understanding in your chosen field.

Course Objectives

  1. The Master of Science in International Management is designed to build the student’s career in international management. It enables the student to have the theoretical knowledge and conceptual skills to work in environments which require high levels of international managerial competence.
  2. Enable students to have a good grasp of the major theoretical and conceptual tools of international management, in managing international businesses.
  3. The course covers global perspectives of business and management, equipping students with the analytic tools; enabling them to play a productive role in the management of international business organisations.

Award of Master of Science in International Management

The University of the West of Scotland awards the Master of Science in International Management degree to students who have successfully passed the assessment requirements of all the course modules; in accordance with the University’s academic and examination procedures and policies.


Course Duration

Full-Time/ Part-Time: 12 months

Course Structure

This course consists of 6 modules and 1 dissertation project:

1. International Business Management

  • The module will first examine the current patterns and trends, which are of key concern to business managers involved in Multi-National Enterprises (MNEs).
  • The module will then investigate via systematic approach to understanding organisations, and as the organisational environment is increasingly global, the focus will be on firms that operate internationally.

2. Accountancy and Finance for International Managers

  • The module introduces the core concepts of financial and management accounting so that students are able to fully understand the content and output of the accounting function to enable effective decision making.
  • The impact of International Financial reporting Standards will be fully explored as will the implications for planning and control from the internationalisation of business.

3. International Marketing Management

  • The module explains the rationale of international marketing by distinguishing between trade and marketing at the international level.
  • An understanding of how firms operate at an international level becomes very important. International and global marketing operations are vital for firms wishing to operate away from the domestic market.

4. Organisational Performance of MNEs

  • The module will consider the relationship between organisational mission and the manner in which it is attained.
  • The module will enable students to reflect, reason and rationalise the internal/ external influences on MNE performance, such as the manner in which MNEs are measured internally and externally.

5. Contemporary Organisation Theory

  • This module provides students with information and analysis of the key choices in the organisation of business and other activities.
  • The module syllabus will cover issues with regard to organisational structures, the process of organisational management; how individuals, groups and teams interact with an organisation; organisational decision making; and organisational control strategies.

6. Strategic Management in an International Context

  • The module looks at the phases an organisation may go through as they adopt an international/ global strategy.
  • The module examines the drivers for internationalisation and the strategic challenges/ concerns that businesses face in an international context.
  • The module introduces the internal/ external factors influencing organisational change and considers strategic change management concepts.

7. Dissertation: MSc International Management

  • The module will provide students with the opportunity to undertake and successfully complete an independent investigation into an issue related to business and management.
  • The Masters dissertation will consist of original work and will be informed by theoretical and practical knowledge that the participant has developed through their programme of studies towards the MSc in International Management.

Entry Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree in any discipline or equivalent; or
  • Applicants with relevant professional experience will also be considered for entry to the course.

English Proficiency

  • IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, if English is not the language of study.

Final acceptance will be determined by the University of the West of Scotland.



MSc in International Management



March, July, October


March, July, October


Fee Structure



(12 months)

Amount (S$)


(12 months)

Amount (S$)


Application Fee



Non-refundable and non-transferrable
Course Fee



Administrative Fee



Fee Protection Scheme



Total (Inclusive GST)



*Only available to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.

Miscellaneous Fees (where applicable)


Full Time

(12 months)

Amount (S$)

Part Time*

(12 months)

Amount (S$)


International Students’ Pass Application



Payable to ICA
Medical Examination



For application of Student Pass Card
Medical Insurance



Optional for Singapore citizens/ Permanent residents
Renewal of Student Pass



Re-Examination Fee (Per module)



Course Deferment Fee



Re-module Fee (Per module)



Bank Charges for TT

20.00 to 30.00

20.00 to 30.00

Determined and deducted by bank

*Only available to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.

All prices quoted are in Singapore dollars and inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 7%.



  1. Student who wish to withdraw from the course must submit written notice to YMCA Education Centre 7 working days prior.
  2. In the case of any withdrawal, the Education Centre administrative staff will speak to the Student to understand the reasons for withdrawal and where appropriate to offer alternative courses to the Student. Final decision rest on the Student to complete the course or withdraw from the course.
  3. International Student’s FPS will be cancelled within 3 working days and STP within 7 working days.
  4. Refund due to the student is based on the Refund table herewith.

Refund for Withdrawal Due to Non-Delivery of Course:

YMCA Education Centre (YEC) will notify the Student within 3 working days upon knowledge of any of the following:

(i)        YEC does not commence the Course on the Course Commencement Date;

(ii)       YEC terminates the Course before the Course Commencement Date;

(iii)      YEC does not complete the Course by the Course Completion Date;

(iv)     YEC terminates the Course before the Course Completion Date;

(v)      YEC has not ensured that the Student meets the course entry or matriculation requirement as set by the organisation within any stipulated timeline set by CPE.

The Student will be informed in writing of alternative study arrangements (if any), and also be entitled to a refund of the entire Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fees already paid should the Student decide to withdraw, within 7 working days of the above notice.

Refund for Withdrawal Due to Other Reasons:

If the Student withdraws from the Course for any other reasons, YEC will, within 7 working days of receiving the Student’s written notice of withdrawal, refund to the Student an amount based on the refund table herewith.

Refund During Cooling-Off Period:

YEC will provide the Student with a cooling-off period of 7 working days after the date that the Contract has been signed by both parties.

The Student will be refunded the highest percentage (stated in the refund table) of the fees already paid if the Student submits a written notice of withdrawal to YEC within the cooling-off period, regardless of whether the Student has started the course or not.

 Refund Table:

% of total course fee paid If Student’s written notice of withdrawal is received:


more than 60 days before the course commencement date


before, but not more than 60 days before the course commencement date


before, but not more than 30 days before the course commencement date


before, but not more than 7 days before the course commencement date


On or after Course Commencement Date

You will need to write to YEC to cancel the Agreement within the Cooling-off Period. All refunds will be made payable to the party who made the payments in the first instance and within 7 working days after receiving the refund request.

Deferment / Re-examination / Re-module

In the event of a plan for Deferment or Re-examination or Re-module of the course, a written notice with full explanation of the circumstances must be submitted by the student to YEC within 7 working days. Please refer to cost implication in the fees table.

Transfer of courses

Transfer of courses indicated below are NOT applicable:

  • Certificate in Business
  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Business Administration
  • Advanced Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in International Business (Top-up) by UWS
  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management (Top-up) by UWS
  • Master of Science in International Management by UWS

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