WSQ Vision Leadership

Course Code: TGS-2020512951


Every organisation needs a clear vision and mission to guide the collective efforts of its people. Leaders contribute to this alignment by leading their teams in the development of strategic and operational plans, and governance management to achieve these organisation goals.

This course will equip leaders with the knowledge and skills to facilitate these processes and empower them in strategic and influential leadership.

Key Competences

  • Developing Strategic Plans
  • Promote Good Governance
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Influential Leadership

Course Outline

Day 1

Strategic Planning

– Strategic Planning Process
– Strategy Development Models
– Strategic Considerations
– Managing Strategy

Good Corporate Governance

– Functions of Corporate Governance
– Internal Governance
– External Governance
– Corporate Culture & Values

Day 2

Strategic Leadership

– Stakeholders’ Alignment
– Communication Strategy
– Staff Engagement
– Stakeholders Engagement

Influential Leadership

– Model Leadership
– Motivational Leadership
– Emotional Intelligence @ Work
– Power Personal Growth