Transfer, Withdrawal & Dispute Resolution

Transfer, Withdrawal & Dispute Resolution

  • Transfer of course between programmes refers to change from one programme to another programme within the school. This may be possible depending on the pre-requisites of the respective course of study. Student must satisfy the pre-requisites of the requested programme.
  • If student satisfies the pre-requisites of the requested programme, a minimum standard would need to be achieved in the current programme to be considered for transfer (e.g. test scores; attendance). Otherwise, the transfer request will be treated as withdrawal from existing course (refer to withdrawal terms and conditions). Student then applies as new student for the new intended course.
  • The student agrees that his/her transfer from one course to another course shall NOT, for the purposes of the Refund Policy, be deemed to be a withdrawal from the course and the provision of refunds shall not apply in such transfer.
  • Transfer is strictly on a case-by-case basis and subject to the Principal’s / Vice Principal’s approval.
  • Transfer is not allowed for academic courses after the last day of Term 1.
  • Upon the Principal’s / Vice Principal’s approval, the transfer request will be processed within 4 weeks.
  • The student will not be allowed to receive lessons for the requested programme until receipt of the new Student Pass (STP).
  • For international students, the School will assist to apply for transfer of the Student’s Pass to the new course, subject to ICA’s approval.
  • New course fees and related expenses are payable upon successful transfer and after acceptance of Letter of Offer.
  • In the case of rejection of transfer request, the student will be issued a Rejection Letter with notification that the transfer request is rejected and the reasons for the decision.
  • If not satisfied with the outcome, the student can appeal in writing in accordance with the Academic Grievance Policy and Procedure.
  • A withdrawal is defined as:
    1. Withdrawing from the YMCA School course (completed or partial) and applying for transfer to another course.
    2. Withdrawing from the YMCA School course (completed or partial) and applying to another school in Singapore.
    3. Withdrawing from the YMCA School course (completed or partial) and returning to his/her native country.
  • Student must submit notice to withdraw in writing and adhere to the terms and conditions of refund.
  • In the case of any withdrawal, the School’s staff will speak to the student to understand the reasons for withdrawal and where appropriate to offer alternative courses to the student. Student makes the final decision on whether to remain in the school or to proceed with the withdrawal or transfer.
  • Student’s FPS will be cancelled within 3 working days and STP within 7 working days.
  • All requests pertaining to withdrawal matters are to be approved by the Principal / Vice Principal.
Dispute Resolution

Students with grievances may obtain a Student Feedback and Service Recovery Form from the front counter. The completed form will be forwarded to the Principal for review and appropriate action will be taken.

If the resolution is not acceptable, the student may escalate the grievance to CPE for mediation.

If the case is still not resolved, it will be brought to Arbitration.

You may download a chart of the dispute resolution process here.